Kevin Hicks

+1 607/227-5463 

Diverse Commercial & Educational Writing 

...from two-column video scripts and radio copy, to web content and screenplays

Kevin has had extensive experience writing for internet, TV, radio, film, and distributed media - covering sales, product promotions, entertainment content, professional training, and self-help. He is also a produced screenplay writer. His past clients have included Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, the NY Jets, Bissell, and dozens of small businesses and startups. His work has been seen globally.

Completed Screenplays

Unproduced & non-union screenplays available for sale or option

The Bad Men


A criminal finds redemption while protecting a divinely-gifted young boy from a shadow government faction that wants to keep his "special thing" a secret.



Black belt candidate Tom Cornelius discovers that the journey is just as important as the destination as he overcomes personal and physical challenges to finally reach his goal.

In Harm's Way


When three hunters stumble upon a mob hit in the back woods of upstate New York, two very different worlds collide with deadly results.

The Magic Man


An ex-cop goes on a seemingly harmless family errand, only to discover that he is possibly the link between a series of grisly murders and a horrific ancient mystery.

Mixed Messages


After the tragic loss of their daughter, Paul and Jane Redman begin a new life that is plagued by lies, misunderstandings and a dark secret that threatens their very lives.



A brilliant artist finds himself in a race for his life when his drawings are transformed to grisly glimpses of murder.

Survive the Night

(Camp Horror)

An overnight stunt turns to a horrifically funny struggle for survival as four teens find themselves locked in a museum with a blood-thirsty predator.



A troubled teen is trying to put her life back together after a long bout with alcohol, but a fateful night with her friends reveals demons she hadn’t even considered.