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Kevin Hicks is owner of Hark Productions and co-owner of Chinimble Lore. He is an accomplished Video Producer, Film Director and Screenwriter. His extensive work has covered television commercials, music videos, DVD programs, corporate industrials and long-form videos for both commercial and not-for-profit organizations. His recent works include the promotional TV commercials for the NY Jets’ 2009 & 2010 training camps, video industry training DVDs for Sundance Media Group’s VASST brand and the completion of his fourth feature film, "America's Beach: The People of Hatteras Island." “Paranormal Proof,” “Dream House” and “Waiting On Alphie” are his other feature titles. Kevin is also a multi-session presenter at N.A.B.

Kevin currently lives in Lansing, NY, with his wife, writer Vickie Hicks, and two children.


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  • A behind-the-scenes article by Kevin about the Post Production process of Waiting On Alphie can be seen in issue #44 of IndieSlate Magazine. [Read Article (PDF)]

 past projects

America's Beach
The People of Hatteras Island
Shooting: Completed
Shooting location: Hatteras Island, North Carolina
Produced by: Vickie Hicks, Brian Balog
Written by: Vickie Hicks
Directed by: Kevin Hicks

America's history and heritage through the eyes of the people of Hatteras Island is overshadowed by the storms they have to endure.


Paranormal Proof
Shooting: Completed
Shooting location: Cortland, NY
Produced by: Brian Balog, Vickie Hicks, Dan Griffin
Written by: Kevin Hicks
Directed by: Kevin Hicks

Fourteen months after the death of his wife, Marcus Gates and his two daughters begin experiencing strange occurrences around their home. Convinced that it is his wife trying to communicate with him, Marcus sets out to prove that the afterlife exists in this found-footage supernatural thriller.

View Trailer


Waiting on Alphie (2005)
Feature Narrative
trailer: WM | QT

"Waiting On Alphie was truly an engaging film with a shocking turn of events in the end. The dialogue between the hitman and his target was not only riveting, but also had me laughing out loud. The story was an emotional roller coaster ride set against a ticking clock."
                                                    -Michael Karpovage, author Flashpoint Quebe

"The plot twists and turns...ingenious..."
                                                    -Bryan Van Campen, The Ithaca Times

Great American Modern Rock
website: www.tenmanpush.com
videos: "In The Dirt" | "Kingdom Of Fools"

Cayuga Lake Wine Country Road Trip (2003)
DVD Featurette

production samples
A diverse collection of works through his video production company, Hark Productions, demonstrating both Kevin's flexibility as a director/editor and his ability to capture the character of his subjects.

completed screenplays


Waiting On Alphie (2005) -Two hitmen find themselves in an all-night standoff as they wait for the fateful call that will determine who lives and who dies. (Drama/Comedy)

Paranormal Proof (2010) - A widowered father tries to prove there is an afterlife by documenting the strange happenings in his home. (Documentary)


A brilliant illustrator seems to have it all until the people he sketches become murder victims. (Horror)


Mixed Messages
After the tragic loss of their daughter, Paul and Jane Redman begin a new life that is plagued by lies, misunderstandings and a dark secret that threatens their very lives.


The Magic Man
David Brooks goes on a seemingly harmless family errand, only to discover that he is possibly the link between a series of grisly murders and a horrific ancient mystery. (Sci-Fi/Horror)


Survive The Night
An overnight stunt turns to a horrifically funny struggle for survival as four teens find themselves locked in a museum with a blood-thirsty predator. (Horror/Camp)


Black belt candidate Tom Caron discovers that the journey is just as important as the destination as he overcomes personal and physical challenges to finally reach his goal. (Family)

End Game
Two mobsters find themselves in an all-night hold down, revisiting past times and old grudges as they await a phone call that will determine both of their fates. (Mob Crime)


The Bad Men
A criminal finds redemption while protecting a young boy with a divine gift from a shadow government faction that wants to keep his "special thing" a secret. (Action/Thriller)


In Harm's Way
When three hunters stumble upon a mob hit in the back woods of upstate New York, two very different worlds collide with deadly results. (Action/Thriller)


Paint Me A Million
adapted from the novel by David L. Goodrich
A con man elicits the talents of an attractive artist to pull off an art forgery scam on a handful of societal elitists. (Caper)


story by Kevin Hicks & Juan Reinoso
Past demons collide as six residents of a run-down apartment building fall into a tangled web of deception and betrayal that leaves none of them unscathed. (Drama)

A group of friends plays a game that summons spirits, but when the spirits show up, the game turns deadly. (Horror)

email: kevin@kevinhicks.com

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